What Size Shed Can I Build Without A Permit?

General 10 November 2021

Installing a shed without a permit from the respective authorities can invite a penalty. In the end, you might have to remove the installation altogether. Moreover, the government can place a lien on your property as well. However, if the size of your shed is below a designated level, you may not need any permit for the construction.
This specific level depends on the individual rules and regulations in each state or municipality. Therefore, homeowners should seriously consider the size of their sheds at the outset.

If you are still confused about what size shed can I build without a permit, this post will be helpful for you.

The average height you may consider

As per recent laws, most councils allow householders to build sheds up to 10 square meters before they should apply for a permit. Therefore, you can purchase any sheds that are similar to or less than 3m X 3m for your backyard without availing of the permit.

On the other hand, some councils may have different requirements based on the shed height, building material, and its placement on the yard. Besides, some states provide fast track permits for relevantly smaller structures like sheds which might appear to be helpful to the new shed owners. Now, let's take a look at a few of these considerations according to different states of Australia.

Requirements of different states:

When you hire one of the reputed shed builders, make sure to follow the existing norms.

1. New South Wales (Sydney)

As per the laws of NSW:

● Your shade should be a detached structure in the backyard.
● Your shade should not be larger than 20 square meters if you live in a residential area.
● Your newly-constructed shed must be 900 mm. away from each boundary.
● You need to construct your shed in such a way that it does not obstruct the fire safety or entrance of other buildings.
● It has to be less than 3 meters in height from the ground if the shed is a lofted one.
● If you live in a rural area, the size of your shade should be below 50 square meters.

2. South Australia

As per the laws in South Australia:

● The shed should be constructed as an extension of the house, rather than building it separately with a height of smaller than 15 square meters.
● It should have a width of fewer than 3 meters.
● The height of the shed should not be more than 2.5 meters from the ground level.

3. Victoria

According to the rules in Victoria:

● Your shed should not exceed 10 square meters in length.
● The shed should be lower than 3 meters in height.
● In case if your shed is within 1 meter of the boundary, it should not be more than 2.4 meters in height.

4. Western Australia

The guidelines for constructing a shed in Western Australia are as follows:

● It should not be taller than 2.4 meters in height.
● The shed must not rise above 500 mm from the ground.
● It must adhere to the fire safety requirements of the main building.
● It should not be constructed within 900 mm of any other structure.

The best creative solutions for building your no-permit shed

Now, you might be confused regarding how to prioritize your personal choice while fulfilling the jurisdiction's requirements in each state. Although you may think it is difficult to get approval from the council, the process is actually not that troublesome. Professional shed builders like CV Sheds offer a wide collection of sheds with different sizes, configurations, designs, and roof styles. Simply get in touch with the experts for an affordable shed solution for your space. The experts will take care of the legalities, while you can enjoy your peace of mind.

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