RHS Frames to stand the test of time.

At CV Sheds we pride ourselves on the quality of the sheds we build, not just today, but twenty years from now.

We attribute this to our consistent quality assessments by building sheds with the best possible frame; an RHS.

Rectangular Hollow Steel is the toughest and most durable type of frame on the market, it can take quite a lot of stress both vertically and horizontally, resistant to high winds and able to withstand the test of time.

Coming in a variety of thicknesses, we ensure whatever size shed you need the RHS frame is customized to match, the bigger the shed, the stronger the frame.

RHS not only offers great integrity, the erection requires the frame’s ends to be concreted into the ground, known as footings. These footings are specifically measured on site to create a strong foundation for your shed, before the cladding is added. Our sheds are designed to be there as long as you are, protecting your assets from the elements.