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Proud to build strong, customised Australian sheds since 1975

For over 40 years, CV Sheds have built a large range of high-quality outdoor sheds.

CV Sheds is a leader in the shed manufacturing industry. Our products are well-suited to Australian conditions. We have American barns and other custom shed options that give you the best of both worlds. Our structures deliver high levels of adaptability and functionality.

They have high clearance central areas that offer the possibilities of machinery storage or vehicle storage options. The lean-to sides are ideal for use as storage space, workrooms, or anything else you choose. We aim to supply structures that adhere to the highest quality standards.

Our company goes the extra mile to offer clients the best Shed Victoria solutions, and the goal is to make your purchase experience with us a fulfilling one. While we offer custom shed structures at incredible price points, there is no compromise on quality, and we never cut corners in our work.

From aircraft hangars, and carports, to your classic barn – we custom design our Australian sheds to perfectly fit you and your property.

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We’re a family-run business of registered Shed Builders

Operating in Kyneton and working throughout Central Victoria, we’re passionate about building strong relationships with our local customers.

With a commitment to our customers and a keen eye for detail, we’ve formed a strong reputation for high-quality work and service.

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We build a large selection of strong, enduring Australian sheds

Our talented team build a variety of outdoor sheds and are proud to offer customised designs for each one.

With our wealth of knowledge in the industry, we’re always happy to give you sound advice on what shed is best for your needs.

Distinguishing Features of CV Sheds’ Products - That makes our Victoria sheds best:

As mentioned earlier, with us, you are always assured of uncompromising quality, and we use high-grade materials and the latest construction technique for all our custom barn structures. Here are some of the features that make our sheds truly the best:

  • Thick roof sheeting with a thick topcoat
  • Use of Australian COLORBOND® & ZINCALUME® steel sheeting & flashings. These premium grade products have been widely tried and tested in the harsh Australian climate. Heavier sheeting is solid, which ensures better performance and a longer lifespan.
  • These materials come in a range of colours and hues, and you are sure to find something that suits your needs and complements your property.
  • Our experienced engineers ensure that every Shed Victoria that we manufacture is in line with the relevant Australian Standards.
  • We use only hi-tensile frame-bolts with zinc plating. This hardware can reliably withstand forces and pressures applied regularly to exposed structures. The ongoing sustainable performance of these bolts is critical to ensure that the structure is stable and durable.
  • We use the best grade Tek screws that can endure exposure to changing climatic conditions. These are extensively tried & tested in real-life conditions and are built specifically for the harsh Australian climate.
  • While we focus on aspects such as strength, durability and longevity, we also design custom sheds that are practical and stylish. So you don’t have to worry that they will stand out like a sore thumb on your property.


We are the reputed shed builder in Victoria that manufactures all types of barn sheds, farm sheds and steel structures.  When you opt for our custom shed solutions in Victoria, you can be sure that you will receive steel sheds that are resilient, long-lasting, cost-effective and aesthetically appealing.


Various Shed Victoria Size Options

 Not only do you have several colour options, but also multiple size options to choose from. We are the shed manufacture experts that can design structures for wide-open areas or areas with limited space. We design made-to-measure custom shed structures that are a value add to your property and perfect for your needs.


Our steel structures and sheds come in many different forms and styles. If you aren't very sure about what works best for you and need help deciding, give us a call or send us a quotation request.


Custom Shed Builder in Victoria

 If you want a Shed in Victoria that serves your specific purpose, lasts for many years and looks great on your property, we are the company to call. We understand that every client will have specific requirements, and it's why we always focus on customization. 

 As an experienced and reputable shed builder in Victoria, we are the professionals that can provide you with the kind of solutions that work best for you.  Our shed structures work well in various settings, and some of the shed manufacture customization options we offer include:

  1. We can factor in aspects like height restrictions and boundaries while designing sheds for you.
  2. Whether you want single door rollers, personal access doors, sliding doors, roller doors or a combination of any of these, we are here to help.
  3. A choice between open internal space and a divided area using interior partitions.
  4. Inclusion of a mezzanine floor for storage or office space.
  5. A staircase feature if there is sufficient room.
  6. Choice of a range of colours as well as custom colour combinations. 


This customized approach goes a long way in ensuring that your shed is perfect for your needs and fits in well on your property. Our experts will have detailed discussions with you and manufacture a custom shed to suit your specific needs.

Proud to use high-quality, Australian products

Here at CV Sheds, we believe in using premium materials to create quality Australian sheds that are built to last.

All of our sheds are manufactured using 100% Australian Steel. Why? This creates a stronger shed of a higher standard.

After a classic Victoria shed, customised to your property?

It is important to our company that when you buy one of our shed Victoria structures, it’s a perfect fit. For any more information, feel free to contact CV Sheds at 1300 396 578. You can also send us your queries and project details through this Online Form.

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