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If you have a car, you need a garage for it. Most modern homes have some dedicated garage space to help owners park their vehicles when not in use. At CV Sheds, we can build reliable, secure, and durable garages that fit your property’s architecture perfectly. We specialize in custom home garages and will build a structure that suits your specific requirements. 


Importance of Garages 

Here are some reasons why garages are a worthwhile investment and an essential aspect of your home:


  • Protection from Theft – Garages have doors that control access to the property and the vehicle. These doors usually open with a dedicated code, which means your car has an additional layer of security. While most modern vehicles come with theft protection, controlling access to your car is the best way to keep it safe. 

  • Protection from Vandalism – Scratches, dents, cracked windows, and stolen hood ornaments are common acts of vandalism. Keeping your car in the driveway or plain sight can tempt miscreants, and that can lead to expensive damage. Storing your vehicle in a garage keeps it safe and out of sight.

  • Safe from Weather – Modern vehicles are designed to handle all kinds of weather, but that doesn't mean they are entirely immune to damage. Precipitation, dust, extreme temperatures, etc., can all cause damage and shorten the lifespan of your vehicle. Storing the car in a garage while it isn’t in use can help reduce the impact of the weather and minimize wear. 


As you can see, a garage offers several benefits, and it is a good idea to invest in quality. Our team can install a resilient structure on your property quickly and efficiently.


Types of Garages 

Different homeowners require different types of spaces for vehicles. We offer custom home garages that are designed based on your particular requirements. The different types of garages include:


  • Standard or Simple Garage – This is a straightforward space that includes an area to park a car, some room around it for movement and storage, and a secure garage door. It is a good option for people who need to park a single vehicle and are on a tight budget.

  • Double Garage – A double garage has two parking spaces and two doors, which means you have room for multiple vehicles. Some people also use the extra space as a workshop or storage area if they only have one car.  

  • Double Garage with Carport – A carport is an open garage with just a roof supported by pillars. There are no walls or doors, which means this installation doesn't offer much protection. However, it provides quick access and is excellent for guest parking.  


There are several other types of garages, like oversized, compact, workshop garages, etc. You can discuss these options with us during a consultation.


Our Quality Garages

We understand the importance of a garage. It holds all your belongings and needs to safely store your vehicle. Our custom home garages are designed to complement your existing property and stand strong for years.

We follow the best industry standards when it comes to building garages. Our team will follow strong design principles, use proven materials, and create a structure that can handle Australian weather conditions without faltering. 

If you want to know more about custom home garages or wish to hire builders, we at CV Sheds can help. You can call us at 1300 396 578 or use our contact form to get in touch.

We have a versatile range – from a simple home garage to a double garage with a carport.

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