Aircraft Hangars

Aircraft Hangar

The perfect storage for your aircraft

If you have an aircraft, you need a strong and secure place to store it. At CV Sheds, we have built reliable hangars for clients at various locations including Kyneton, Ballarat, Bendigo, Riddells Creek, Romsey, William Creek, and Torquay. Our team can build structures for everything ranging from small planes to large, 15 meter-wide aircraft.


What Are Hangars?

A hangar is a closed structure designed to house an aircraft or spacecraft. It has large doorways and tall ceilings to accommodate the aircraft and provide enough room for support staff like maintenance workers to move around it. Most hangar doors are automated and have access control systems to ensure no one can enter without permission. We can build different kinds of aircraft hangars such as:

  • Fixed Based Operator or FBO – An FBO is a base of operations where you can park an aircraft, refuel, clean up, and other such activities. 

  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul – This hangar is designed for aircraft that aren't active. It is used to protect the aircraft while crews carry out regular maintenance, repairs, or overhaul the craft.

  • Paint Hangars – While some painting can be carried out at MRO hangars, paint hangars are specifically designed for this purpose. They have proper ventilation and exhaust systems to ensure workers can paint the aircraft properly. 

  • De-Icing Facilities – De-icing facilities are used to de-ice planes before take-off. If any of the control surfaces of the aircraft has icing on it, it will not fly properly and place all passengers at risk. 

We can build all of these hangars for you based on your particular requirements. Our team will use proven design strategies to ensure the hangar can handle all kinds of stress and weather.


Benefits Of Aircraft Hangars

Hangars protect your aircraft from outside elements and reduce wear. They also keep it safe from vandalism by ensuring only authorized personnel can enter. A good hangar will provide a comfortable environment for the maintenance crew as well.


Quality Aircraft Hangars By CV Sheds

Aircrafts are expensive vehicles and you need to make sure they are adequately protected when grounded. Our aircraft hangars are carefully designed using the highest quality materials. We create a frame from good-quality RHS tubes, which are made from steel and can handle pressure from all directions. The cladding is also made from resilient materials that can handle Australian weather conditions easily.

Classic aircraft hangars are one of our areas of expertise here at CV Sheds. Built with premium Aussie steel, our aircraft hangars deliver the ultimate protection for your aircraft with a powerful, strong structure.

We don’t just use good-quality materials but also follow strong design principles. Our experts have more than 20 years of experience in this industry. They know how aircraft hangars work and what they need to stand the test of time. Our hangars can also have sliding track systems and outriggers, which can help open large doorways for a big aircraft. 

All installations are customized according to the client’s requirements. Just explain what you need to a dedicated team of experts and they will come up with the perfect design. 


If you want to know more about hangars or want to hire builders, we at CV Sheds can help. You can call us at 1300 396 578 or use our contact form to get in touch. 

We build a range of hangars for small aircraft up to a 15 metre wide plane.

Our hangers can feature sliding track systems with outriggers, catering for maximum opening size for larger aircraft. Locations for aircraft hangars include Kyneton, Ballarat, Bendigo, Riddells Creek, Romsey, William Creek and Torquay.

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