Buying a shed can be overwhelming so let’s help break down where to start

General 24 August 2023

When beginning this process, it is important to consider a few key points:

What space do I have to work in?

Knowing where you want to put your shed is a good place to start, once you know where you are
wanting to put the shed you can proceed with measuring the space you have available.

Another important factor to consider when measuring your shed site is, knowing if there are any
restrictions as to where your shed can be located. Your relevant council will be able to assist with this.

What is the purpose of my shed?

Are you wanting a space to store your machinery, a man cave, a garage to put your cars, boat, or
caravan? Knowing what you intend to use your shed for can help with the design process. Do we need
to include windows in a certain bay to ensure enough light comes onto work benches. Do your roller
doors need to be a certain height to accommodate what you are storing?

Do I need a Planning permit?

When looking at the difference between planning and building permits it can become confusing.
Planning permits look into where your shed is going and the appearance of your shed. Planning
permits are not always required they depend on your property and the overlays you may have.

Can you build along your property boundary, do you have to be a certain distance from the road, a
waterway, maybe the neighbours? A call to council will help you learn of any restrictions you may
have on your property.

Vacant blocks might require extra permits for your shed, this is something you can raise with the
council in your call to them.

What Openings do I need?

Openings can include windows, personal access doors, sliding doors and roller doors. These openings
can provide a source of light and airflow. Planning your shed layout may decide where doors and
windows need to be placed.

Do you need plenty of access into the shed or will one roller door be enough? If you plan to store lots
of machinery, access points for each bay may be critical.

Do I have a Budget?

When considering building a shed your budget is something to keep in mind.
If the quote doesn’t align with your budget, the design might need to be changed to accommodate.
Options may include sourcing the concrete slab, windows, or doors yourself to reduce costs or adding
an extension later.

When budgeting for your shed other specialty trades needs to be considered such as earthmovers to
prepare your site, electricians, plumbers, and planning consultants as these come at an additional cost
adding to your total project budget.

Can I build it, or do I need a builder?

When looking at the shed project are you looking at getting a kit shed and installing yourself through
the owner-builder process. This could be a great idea for someone who is already going owner-builder
on an existing project, or alternatively do you need someone like CV Sheds as registered builders to
look after the project for you.

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