Quote Comparison where to start

General 24 August 2023

Why are these quotes so different?

Comparing quotes can be difficult and confusing so here are a few tips and tricks to make it


Frame Type

There are many ways to build a shed, but are the materials you have been quoted strong and high quality? When
comparing frames, there can be a big price difference between the frame type and where the steel comes from,
this is often the best place to start when looking at your quotes.

At CV Sheds we use Rectangular Hollow Section (RHS) with welded on cleats with bolted purlins which provides
more strength and stability than some other frames. A big difference in price can come down to the frame your
shed is constructed in. Is the quote you’re comparing RHS or a C-Purlin frame?

Are there knee and apex braces? – CV Sheds’ structures do not always require knee or apex bracing due to the
strength of our RHS framework which allows for more clearance within your shed and a neater finish.

Steel Source

When comparing quotes, it’s always a good idea to ensure you know where your steel is coming from.
Are both the steel frame and cladding made with Australian products or is it just the cladding? At CV
Sheds we only use Australian products, the steel we source is high quality, and all manufactured here
in Victoria. Although your Australian steel shed may cost you more initially, you can be rest assure
they last longer, are beter quality and help our economy.

Cladding type and Thickness

When comparing cladding there are three main things to look for. Where does the cladding come from, what
thickness is it and what is the cladding profile?

Is the cladding a genuine COLORBOND® product or is it a cheap imitation that won’t stand the test of time in the
Australian climate? An easy way to check is the name of colour, is it using the genuine COLORBOND® colour
names or something else.

The thickness of the cladding is something else to compare. For instance, is it measuring BMT (Base Metal
Thickness) or TCT (Total Coated Thickness). One measurement is not beter than the other, but this can be
confusing when comparing quotes. Common thicknesses are 0.35, 0.42 and 0.47. Cladding profiles may also
cause price differences due to purlin spacings or cladding strength. At CV Sheds we only use .42 and .47 to ensure
your shed is built with strong and durable cladding.


When comparing your quotes, looking at the warranties the companies have, may enable you to feel
safe in your decision making. CV Sheds Structures are backed by Bluescope warranties as well as our
workmanship warranty for your peace of mind.


When comparing quotes, it is best to double check if the company you are looking at offers to handle your
building permit or if you are required to organize this process yourself.
As registered builders, CV Sheds can look after the building permit for you.
This takes the pressure off you as the client having to go owner-builder or having to appoint a registered builder
to build your shed.

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