American Style Barns

Stylish American inspired barns, built for the harsh Australian climate.

How Much Does An American Barn Cost?

The average cost of an American Barn is $32,338. This price includes the cost of the shed and the install. They can cost as little as $24,000 and as much as $44,000.

Our experienced team will help you design your ideal American barn that you can personalise to create a classy addition to enhance your home. With a CV Sheds American barn, the toughest choice will be how to utilise the space!

Our American barn is essentially three sheds in one. Offering a lot more than just looks, the American barn combines style and storage to complement your property. 

An American barn is a large storage solution that can be utilised in many applications.


CV Sheds American barns are perfect as:

•  Multi-car garages

•  Boat sheds

•  Workshops

•  Extra storage space

•  And much more…

With numerous a
pplications from basic storage to protecting your car, boat or caravan, the American barn is an affordable solution to space and style.

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