What Do I Need To Do For Slab Preparation?

For any kind of load bearing structure site preparation is necessary. Not all sheds require a slab, but they do add to the overall strength and soundness of the structure so think twice before dismissing the idea of a slab in your shed. Here are a few tips how to make site preparation easy.

Make sure your site is prepared for the slab prior to the time you have your shed erected. Otherwise you will find it difficult to spread your fill beneath the wall cladding and around the columns after the shed is installed.

The best time to prepare your site for a slab is well before your shed is erected. This is because over a few weeks low spots may appear, and you can fill these in before your shed is installed.

Make sure the shed site is as level as possible. This will help with the ease of installing the shed and will look neater once everything is completed.

Do not forget to consider drainage when deciding on and preparing your shed site. Problems can occur if drainage is not taken into account for a shed.

When it comes to installing your slab, at CV Sheds we are able to take care of installing your slab as part of the construction process of your shed. This reduces stress on the client having to worry about the organisation of the slab and the quality of the concreting. Our installers are seasoned experts and we ensure the best job is done on all our sheds.