Tips & Tricks On How To Keep Your Storage Shed Tidy

Storage sheds are difficult to keep organised and tidy as they hold so many different bits and pieces with so many different purposes. Because of this everything needs to have a place and be organised in the most practical way. Having your shed arranged like this will save you hours of wasted time fossicking through piles of ‘stuff’ trying to find a certain garden tool, or trying to find the room to move your lawnmower.

Have A Place For Every Tool

Install hooks on the walls or on the back of the door to hang things like small tools and paint brushes. If you do have a lot of tools you can make yourself a tool wall to keep things neat and in place.

Hang Long Handled Garden Tools

Make sure their hanging spot is easily accessible so they aren’t difficult to get to when you need them, but also out of the way. You can get a tool hanger on the wall to hang things like rakes and shovels in a line.

Use A Garden Carry All

A good way to keep frequently used garden items like gloves, hand tools, pruning shears and weed killer is in a basket or carry all bag. This makes it a simple task to grab what you need when you want to do some gardening and prevents these smaller items from getting lost or misplaced.

Use Magnets

Magnets can be useful for holding and organising metal tools such as pruning shears, screwdrivers and drill bits. To arrange metal tools like this you will need a strong magnetic bar in an easy to reach spot on the wall.

Invest In Some Shelving

the key to a neat and tidy is to keep things off the floor as much as possible. A good way of doing this is optimizing wall space, shelving is an excellent way of doing this. You can label your shelves to ensure they stay neat, as otherwise they can become untidy quickly.

Use Jars For Storage

Jars come in all different sizes and shapes and are perfect for storing different little objects in. See-through jars are practical because you can see what is in them, this makes finding things easier. You can also mount jars

Dont Forget About The Ceiling

The ceiling is a good way of getting overhead storage. You can purchase hooks and rails designed for this purpose. Make sure objects are mounted securely to ensure they do not fall down. You will need to be aware of the load bearing strength of your shed so you dont hang anything to heavy from the ceiling.

Label Everything

It can be frustrating when even everything is tidy you still cant find what you are looking for because there are so labels on boxes and containers. Use a marker or a label machine to make labels for boxes and other items that contain things in them.

Keep The Hose Untangled

A garden hose is easily tangled and extremely difficulty untangled. Also it makes your shed messy when its in a heap on the floor. To keep the hose from becoming tangled hang it on a hanger or reel, or by wrapping it around an old bucket.

Have A Clear Out

It is a must to have a clean out of your shed every now and again to prevent junk from piling uselessly. If there are things that you don’t want anymore but they are still in good condition and worth money you could consider selling them online.