Is Your Shed Strong Enough For High Winds?

When building a shed it is important to do sufficient research to ensure the frame of your shed is strong enough to withstand bad weather. To prevent your shed crumpling like paper in a bad storm you should make sure it has a high quality and sturdy frame.

A lot of shed companies offer C-Section sheds. This refers to the type of steel column used in the shed as you can see below. This frame is cheaper however it is weaker than RHS frame and is made of thinner steel. This type of frame will not easily withstand bad weather, so it is a wiser idea to purchase a RHS frame.

Rectangular Hollow Section of RHS columns are a fully enclosed column with four sides. The steel is thicker than that of C Section, and the style of frame ensures it is far more sturdy and strong. This type of frame is best to have in your shed to ensure a high-quality frame that will withstand almost any strength of wind.

It is also useful to find out the wind speeds that usually occur in your area. See below the map of Australia which Illustrates this. If you are in some of the higher risk areas it is imperative that your shed has a high quality and strong steel RHS frame.