How To Design Your Workshop

Workshops serve many different purposes, depending on the owner’s work or hobbies therefore the building can vary in construction widely. Here we will show you the main different options available for your workshop building to give you a starting point of the direction you want to go in.

How Will You Be Using Your Workshop?

You need to think about the main purpose for your workshop and design it to best suit this. Is your workshop a space for home jobs and hobbies? or are you looking for something bigger like a home office? If your workshop is simply for home purposes impressive looks and size may not matter as much to you as they would if you were starting a business from home.

What Style Do You Like?

The two main different styles of workshops are traditional and modern. Traditional describes an apex and reverse apex style that fits in well with a more classic house and garden. Modern refers to a more contemporary approach to your workshop. For this design you could opt for a pent workshop complete with modern windows.

Material of Construction

g a wooden or steel frame for your workshop. A wooden workshop is more traditional and can be very attractive to look at. However it is not as strong or weather resistant as a steel workshop. There are customized options at SmartaBuild to get a more classic look whilst still having a sturdy steel frame.

Access To The Building

The amount of access, and the type of access you want in your workshop will depend on it’s use. You will need to consider if you would like a roller door or double doors for large objects to be easily moved in and out of the workshop. If you need more than one personal access door you, consider where it is most practical for these to be placed.

What about windows? Do you want windows as a source of natural light in your workshop? you could also consider the option of skylights for a more economical option.

Also it is important to consider what kind of security system you will need in your workshop. You can choose anywhere from a simple padlock system to a full security system, depending on your budget and the need for security in your workshop.

Floor And Roof

Overall there are three different options of flooring and roofing that you can consider. These are heavy duty, standard use and budget. Different brands will vary in quality and price of both flooring and roofing so it is a good idea to research the product before making a final decision.