Building A Steel Portal Frame Shed

A portal frame is often used for constructions such as sheds, garages, warehouses, and barns. This is because the portal frame provides a solution for a building needing a large open space at low cost and a pitch that is wanted by the owner.

The most popular material to clad a portal frame is with metal Colourbond or Zincalume. From this, the roof and wall sheeting are fixed to Battens or Girts being placed between the portal frames.

This kind of frame usually consists of 2 each of columns, rafters, footing brackets, knee plates, and 1 Apex plate. All of these components are fastened together with nuts and bolts at SmartaBuild to ensure a more sturdy and strong construction.

Portal Frame sheds are mostly fixed to the ground with a concrete slab or 2 concrete pad footings. Other methods can be used for this such as slab footings plates being fixed down with either chemical anchors, screw bolts, or sleeved anchors.

If you are thinking of assembling your own portal framed shed, you need to identify your components needed and assemble the frame on the ground. To square up the frame on the ground, check the corner to corner measurements. The bolts will need to be tightened in the apex and knees.

Carefully position the portal and fit the top bolts through the footing brackets and the column so it is possible to rotate the portal frame up using the base bolts as a pivot. When the frame is vertical insert the lower bolts, plumb and tighten. If needed you can brace them as well.