12 Creative Shed Ideas

The Tiny House

The current trend to go smaller, neat and simple has taken off and with it has born the tiny house. A tiny house is basically a glorified shed, but it is very cute and would be a nice addition to your home.


The Green Shed

If you are a more environmentally friendly inclined person you might consider building yourself a green shed. Grass roofs look gorgeous, like something out of a fairytale, or you could take it a step further and install solar panels on your shed roof. This could provide a source of power for inside your shed, or provide additional power for your home.


Backyard Studio

A backyard studio is an amazing thing to have if you are either an artist or musician. Here is a perfect little quiet place to draw or paint and display your work or edit and make music. For a music studio soundproof walls should be obtained, but you can worry about the fit-out after your shed is installed on your property.


Pool House

A pool house not only looks nice standing beside the water but is also very practical. It provides a place to put your clothes and get changed, to store pool equipment and swimming floaties. You could even install a shower so its easy to get washed and feeling refreshed before coming back inside.

Compact Workshop

Tools and supplies are susceptible to becoming annoying clutter in your garage and home. Why don’t you give these necessary appliances a home of their own in a backyard compact workshop? This way they are out of the way and gives you more space to use them properly and easily when you need to.

Shed on Wheels

This inventive creation is actually a great idea if you need to move things around a lot that you keep in your shed. And overall keeping things mobile, how can that ever be a bad thing?

Personal and Getaway Space

If you are the kind of person that needs your alone time its a great thing to have a little spot where you can shut the door and close out the world even for a short while. Turn your backyard shed into a homely personal getaway for you and only your uses.


Backyard Bathroom & Spa

After a stressful day, who wouldn’t like to escape the the jacuzzi or spa and have some relaxation time? With a few alterations to your backyard shed you could make this your everyday reality.

Star Gazing Observatory


She Shed


Kids Playhouse


Booth or Stand