How to Build An Office In A Shed

The idea of a backyard office appeals to a lot of us – imagine taking the commute across your backyard to get to the office. It’s a dream that few people pursue, even though it’s extremely simple and quick to set up a home office in a backyard shed. Below, we go through the main things to keep in mind when building a shed to house your home office.

Lighting, lighting, lighting.

The single most important thing to consider for any office is the lighting. Having a bright, open space is crucial to doing good work. Make sure that you install skylights where possible so that you don’t have to rely on electricity during the day, but can enjoy the natural sunlight as you work.  

Temperature Control.

There’s nothing worse that working in an office that’s too hot or too cold. One option is to install an air conditioner, but you can also avoid hitting problem with temperature by lining your shed with insulation – a simple process that involves placing a thin mattress-like material in the roof of your shed. This will protect you from sweltering summer sun, which can heat a simple shed up extremely quickly.


This all comes down to what kind of work you do. If your space will include some kind of workshop, you might need to consider installing a roller door. This will allow you to easily get machinery or furniture in and out of your shed. This is particularly important for people who require large spaces for their work.

Distance from Boundary.

As always, you need to keep in mind how close you are to the boundary before you build. Read our article here to find out what distance you need to be to ensure you don’t get in trouble with your local council.


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