How Far Should My Shed Be From The Boundary?

The distance required between your shed and your property boundary depends on a number of factors.

Below, we outline some of the most common situations.

Building A DIY Garden Shed: 90cm from the boundary

If you’re building a small garden shed – the kind you get from Bunnings that are designed to hold a couple of garden tools, you might not require a building permit. Building permits are only required for sheds over 10m2.

If your shed is less than 10m2 and you choose not to apply for a building permit, your shed needs to be 90cm from the boundary. If you need your shed to be closer to the boundary, you will need to submit a building permit application.


Building A Medium Sized Domestic Shed: 15cm from the boundary

If you’re building a shed over 10m2, you are required to build the shed at least 15cm from the boundary. However, if your shed is higher than 3.6m, it must be at least one metre from the boundary.

If you shed height differs (eg. the peak of the roof is higher than the eaves), no part of the shed that is within 1 metre of the boundary can be over 3.6m.


Building A Farm or Agricultural Shed: 5 Metres from the Boundary.

Farm sheds have their own rules, and are required to be at least 5 metres from the boundary.

They need to be at least 100 metres from highways.

They are also required to be twenty metres from any road.


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