Domestic Shed Building Permits in Victoria – Everything You Need To Know

As with many council decisions, shed building permits come down to the individual case and the best way to be certain is to check with your council. 

How Do I Know If My Shed Needs A Building Permit?

Your shed will need a building permit unless its total size is less than 10 square metres. So a 3m x 3m shed won’t require a building permit, but a 3m x 3.5m shed will. 

You will also need to obtain a building permit if your shed matches any of the following criteria:

  1. Your shed’s total height is over 2.4 metres. 
  2. Your shed is going to be closer than 90cm from the boundary. 
  3. Your shed will be attached to an existing shed or building. 

Garden Sheds and Very Small Sheds Under 10m2

For very small domestic garden sheds, you won’t need a building permit if it’s less than 10m2. These are the kinds of sheds you can build by yourself from small kits that hold garden equipment and offer a small amount of storage space. 

Small sheds like this won’t need a building permit, but still need to comply with your council’s regulations

– What Are The Regulations for Building A Small Garden Shed?

There are two regulations to keep in mind when putting a very small domestic shed in your property. 

  1. Garden sheds need to be at least 90cm from the perimetre of your property if you are located in a residential area. 

2. They also cannot be built on land between your house and the road

If you comply with these two regulations, your shed is exempt and you won’t require a building permit. 

If you have issues with either of these regulations, you might still be able to erect your shed. In these instances, you will need to check with your council to see what is permissible. 


Getting A Building Permit for Domestic Sheds that Are Over 10m2.

Domestic sheds with a footprint over 10 square metres require a building permit to be lodged with your local council. 

Your council will then process the building permit, which can take multiple weeks and will cost approximately $900. This $900 is a compulsory building permit levy that must be paid on submission of your building permit request. 

If you’re working with a shed company (like us) to build your shed, they should be the one liaising with the council on your behalf to save you the time & stress of obtaining a permit. 


Building A Shed With A Value over $10,000

If your shed’s value is over $10,000, then you are required by law to enter into a building contract with a registered building practitioner. 

This ensures that all parties involved with the build are protected by a contract. 


Building A Shed With A Value over $12,000

If your shed is worth more than $12,000, you will also be required to pay $750 to cover the warranty insurance that must be taken out to cover your shed. 


Will I Need A Planning Permit?

A planning permit gives legal permission for the planned use of land. It is possible that your shed will require a planning permit, but it’s impossible to know without contacting your council. 

Most sheds won’t require a planning permit unless:

1. They are on a property that is less than 300m2.

2. The zoning of your property requires a planning permit (for example, industrial zones).

3. Your shed is going to be built on property without a dwelling. 

4. There is an overlay in the proposed area. Note: An ‘Overlay’ is a council’s map of the area & environment, with special consideration given to how the environment may affect building activities. 


Wait, What’s the Difference Between a Building Permit and Planning Permit?

Building Permits are required for the actual construction activities involved in building. Planning Permits approve the planned use of the land. 
You cannot get a building permit without a planning permit (if one is required). You can submit a building and planning permit at the same time. 


Are There Regulations On How Long The Building Phase Can Take?

Yes. A shed must be started within 12 months of receiving a building permit and must be completed within 24 months of receiving that building permit.


Will I Require A Final Inspection?

The nature of your final inspection will be outlined on your building permit when you receive it. It will be either a occupancy permit or a certificate of final inspection.

Why Do I Really Need A Building Permit?

Building permits help the local council know how many developments are happening in their area. more importantly, it means that the building process occurs in accordance with regulations, which are established to protect the safety of the builders, the client and the people who will use the shed. 

It can be tricky and irritating to sort out building permits, but that’s why we do it for you. 

If you have any other questions, email us or call us to talk more.