Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The CV Sheds Process?

We have a 7 step process: consultation, site inspection (if necessary), design & planning, preparation of materials, building permits, delivery & installation.

How Long Will My Shed Take To Build?

Up to 3 months. A significant portion of this time will be waiting for council approval and building permits. Once these are sorted out, we ensure that deliver & installation happen as fast as possible.

What Wind Rating Will My Shed Be?

Your sheds required wind rating depends on your location, size and style of shed. We will cover this during the shed design process. SmartaBuild sheds are held to the highest standards of and the requires wind rating

Can I Customise My Design?

Absolutely. Our knowledge and experience allows us to recommend the most cost effective way to get the shed you want.

Can I Add To My Shed Later?

Yes. As long as it’s a SmartaBuild shed, we can add extensions later on.
If you know in advance that you intend to later extend your shed, it’s a good idea to flag that early, so that the initial design can take this into consideration.

Is There A Difference In SmartaBuild Shed Strength?

Absolutely. CV Sheds building’s are stronger and more reliable.

Sheds are usually built with RHS frames (this is what we use) or C Section frames. RHS frames are thicker, fully enclosed and stronger.

Is There A Warranty On SmartaBuild Sheds?

Yes, we offer a workmanship and materials warranty for 12 months after completion of your shed.

Is SmartaBuild Australian-Made?

Yes, where possible our materials are Australian made. We are also an entirely Australian company and we employ local workers.