How Much Does it Cost to Build A Garage or Shed?

We understand that it’s useful to have some ball-park figures when you’re first looking into building a new shed.

Below, we break down the main stages involved and their likely costs:

The Kit: $3,750 – $29,500
The ‘kit’ refers to the materials and components that are used to create your shed. They are the raw materials, and their overall cost will depend on size and complexity.

The Permit: Approximately $950
When building a shed of any size, you will be required to obtain a permit from your council. These costs are set by the council. At SmartaBuild, we do all of the work involved with obtaining a permit on your behalf.

Footings: $500 – $2,000
This involves concrete & digging.

Erection & Assembly: $1,300 – $10,000 
The installation of your shed will also depend on the size and complexity. For very large builds, cranes and/or cherry pickers may be necessary and will involve hire costs.

Concrete Slab: $75 – $85 per square metre. 
Your shed will require 10cm thick 25mpa that is reinforced with a black plastic membrane.
The client will be required to prepare the size by laser-levelling it and applying a 5cm layer of crushed rock and an accessible site.

These numbers are based on prices in 2018, in Australian dollars.


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